Audio Video

All our buses are equipped with integrated audio and video systems. When a custom-made body is ordered further details concerning a desired audio and video system in the bus are presented by the customer. We supply a variety of systems, ranging from the most simple installations consisting of a radio/ CD player as well as loud speakers, to sophisticated multi-media systems comprising of plenty of other components. Installations can be further equipped with elements of wireless connection, game consoles, amplifier systems, loud speakers, monitors as well as steering consoles.

Standard equipment for an individual set consists of a radio and a DVD player. We also have a whole range of LCD monitors on offer, sizes from 5'' up to 43''. You can choose between manual and automatically controlled (electric control) monitors. Having guided tours in mind we can also install a microphone with an amplifier for the guide as well as the whole interior sound system. The equipment systems we install are of the highest quality and they all have a warranty. Our offer covers the whole spectrum of renowned European manufacturers.