City version

Currently, very popular are buses to transporting large quantity of passengers on relatively short routes. Based on the MB Sprinter – CUBY City buses, have lowered floor providing easy entry and exit, thus meeting the expectations of the elderly, physically disabled and mothers with strollers, wide doors and wide and easy transition between seats. An additional convenience is located at the rear of the vehicle, manually opened platform to facilitate the entry of persons moving on a wheelchair. The bus is used for the transport of seating and standing passengers on urban routes and interurban lines. This bus version is ideal as a complement to the line, where the occupancy such as during night hours is too small to be economical to send the full-size bus. These buses are also very popular where the entrance to the town center is impossible or limited for "big" buses. The main characteristics: two electrically operated doors, low floor, platform for wheelchairs, air conditioning with central distribution, LED display (the Matrix), internal monitoring system, etc.

There are two variants of the CUBY CITY Bus. The first is a model with the double swing door and lowered floor in front of the vehicle. The second has lowered floor at the rear.


Inside View