In order to get a two year warranty and raise the speed limit to 100 km/h in the MB and VW vehicles, a written copy of the Type Approval of the second stage M2 category (conversion into bus) is required. The copy of the Type Approval is issued with the purchased vehicle.

The other important document necessary to drive legally on roads within the European Union at a speed of 100 km/h is the DEKRA certificate, which is available with our cars.

These two certificates are essential for legal and safe bus operation.

We strongly recommend getting to know the manufacturer's documentation before customers decide to buy an M2 category bus. Only a few Polish companies are able to meet these requirements.

Unauthorised removal of the lock leads automatically to losing the two year service warranty

If you do not receive a copy of Type Approval for a new bus, the guarantee of the producer of the base vehicle will not be respected (the loss of guarantee) and you may incur additional costs. You should check with any authorised dealer. Based on the above procedures the Department of Communication writes an entry to the Vehicle Registration Card (100 km/h ). The Card is required by the Road Transport Inspection and the Police at any road control.

Our custom built bodies are produced in a special environment by qualified workers as attested by quality certificate ISO 9001:2015 awarded in November 2005 by TUV Rheinland. Additionally all the elements used in the production have Type Approval and/or hygienic tests allowing their usage. These include interior panelling, seat belts armature, and seats. The seats made by Intap and Automet also have the necessary certificates and Type Approval. We issue Type Approval for the vehicles we produce according to Type Approval procedures. This applies to 500 series, Type Approval 906 KA 50 nr_PL*3856*00.

In November 2007 our company received the next certificate given by DEKRA 200718631-R. This entitles all service station MB to raise their speed from 90 km/h (allowed speed for TIR) to 100,4 km/h (buses). The certificate allows driving at a speed of 100 km/h in Poland, in the European Union and Scandinavia. Those changes do not result in the loss of the producer guarantee since they are done according to the procedures required by MB.

N.B Type Approval is the English translation of 'Homologation'